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May 2019

May Devotional


In the unforgiving world that we live in, it is hard for us to understand how to really forgive someone. Yet, as Christians we are to be a peculiar people and give forgiveness to those that have wronged us, lied about us, took advantage of us, and so on. This was the word of Jesus when he gave his disciples the model prayer, he turned to them after the prayer was finished and gave them these words. Matthew 6:14 says, “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:”

In what is known as the Lord’s prayer, there is a portion of the prayer that tells us to forgive. How can we forgive someone who may have hurt us or our family so deeply? Well, that forgiveness must spring out from our love for Jesus. You see, we must remember that it was Jesus who forgave us from the lies, the impure thoughts, the terrible sins that we committed. That means, when someone hurt us in some way, we too must offer the same forgiveness that Christ gave.

What if we don’t forgive? What happens then? Well, the scripture is very clear in its meaning, that if we want forgiveness then we must give forgiveness. This means, that if I harbor hatred and ill will toward someone for what they did in the past, then I am in jeopardy with the Father as well. There are many of us today who are not realizing the full potential of our relationship with God because of the unforgiveness that remains in our heart. And because of this, some are going through unnecessary trials and burdens. We must release our anger and hate the sin, not the person.

Having the attitude of Christ when it comes to someone wronging us, doesn’t mean it will not hurt our feelings. But it will give us the strength to be able to cope with it and move on. Some extraordinary examples of people doing exactly what we are talking about, are those who face someone who is incarcerated and serving time in a penitentiary for a crime they committed. And a family member comes before them and says they forgive them for what they did. Folks, that is the kind of forgiveness that Christ wants us to have towards everyone!

So, ask yourself, am I harboring something against someone? Have I really forgiven them? If we are constantly bringing it up when they are around, then we haven’t forgiven them. We need to pray today that Christ will help us to forgive those that may have hurt us and give us the strength to tell them. Father, thank you for challenging us with forgiveness. It is hard to forgive those that have done such bad things to us, but that is what you did when you forgave us. Give us that same strength to show love and mercy to that person. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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