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Free Will Baptist Ordinances

1. Christian Baptism: We believe that this is the immersion of believers in water, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in which are represented the burial and resurrection of Christ, the death of Christians to the world, the washing of their souls from the pollution of sin, their rising to newness of life, their commitment to serve God, and their resurrection at the last day.

2. The Lord 's Supper: We believe that this is a commemoration of the death of Christ for our sins, in the use of bread which He made the emblem of His broken body, and the cup, the emblem of His shed blood; and by it the believer expresses his love for Christ, his faith, and hope in Him, and pledges to Him perpetual fidelity.

3. Washing of the Saint's Feet: We believe that this is a sacred ordinance, which teaches humility, the necessity of the servanthood of every believer, and reminds the believer of the necessity of a daily cleansing from all sin. It was instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ as an A example @ on the night of His Last Supper and betrayal.

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