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August 27th, 2017

After this past week and seeing the eclipse of the sun, I was astonished when local news reporters open up on air about their faith in Jesus. To see God's handiwork in creation was amazing. So, it made me look back at the creation story and how God brought everything in to existence. 

I think about some of my creations; from art projects to cooking projects. Some turned out good and some...not so good. But when God created the Heavens and the Earth, the Bible tells us it was Good! God did not make a mistake in His creation. In fact everything about the Universe down to the smallest molecule, is exactly how God designed it. Seeing the eclipse just shows you that God can line things up and show this world that he is still in charge. When you have some time, sit down and read Genesis 1. Take a notepad and jot down some things that amazes you about God's creation. And then if you have opportunity, go and look at those items on your list. It is just as great as an eclipse! 


August 21, 2017

Can you imagine going back to school as an adult? Once I graduated High School and College, I told myself I was done with school. Ironically, God had different intentions. As children prepare themselves to go back to school in a few days, I am reminded how the Disciples also had to go back to school. Except there studies were abroad and they had a traveling teacher named Jesus. 

Jesus one day posed a question to His students, inquiring who the people said he was. Just like eager students wanting to get go marks with the teacher, several of the disciples spoke up. One said John the Baptist, another Elijah, Jeremiah or one of the prophets. But then Jesus asked the real question. Who Do You Say That I Am? Peter, not known for the best student and often saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, finally got the answer right. He was a hard learner, but he had learned from God that Jesus was the Christ (Messiah) and He was the Son of the Living God. Wow, talk about getting a gold star! 

We should take a lesson from this story, that even though we may be getting older, it is not to late to keep learning. I had a friend who was in his 80's who still continued to go to school to learn more about Jesus. We should do the same! 


August 14, 2017

How do you like for your home to look? For most of us we want it to be clean and cared for. We wouldn't just throw trash down on the floor but would put it in the trash can and try to keep it tidy. What do we do when we go to school, we listen to the teacher so we can learn. We wouldn't talk while she/he is teaching otherwise we would get in trouble. 

It amazes me how we show respect in our homes and schools and not so in the church service. Respect for the church building is important. That's why Habakkuk 2:20 tells us to keep silent, for the Lord is in His house. We need to respect the Lord when He is using the preacher to share God's word. We need to throw away trash when we leave the church building. We need to show respect for the property that the Lord has provided. 

How are you respecting the church grounds and the property. Do you fail to listen to the message because you are talking? Do you fail to appreciate the facility God has blessed you with by leaving trash? Let's be reminded today to respect the Lord and all He does and provides for us. 


August 6th, 2017

Well it has been a while since the last post, so many summer activities and it becomes hard to update. But hopefully, we will be back on track.

This week's Upper Room Lesson comes from the great book of 1 Timothy 1:17. There is a cave near Mt. Sinai that had these words inscribed on its walls, "God is Eternal". Do you believe that today? It is hard for us to understand that God has always been, we are so use to a beginning and a end. But that is not so with God. This verse told us some important things about God's eternal nature.

The first thing we see is that God is Eternal in His Position. God is described as the King. Not just any king but the KING OF KINGS. Wow! That means as the eternal King, He will always be king and never cease.

The second thing we see is that God is Eternal in His Power. God is omnipotent, that is a fancy word to say that God is all powerful. There is nothing stronger or powerful than God. God's power will never diminish or fade with time. God is just as powerful today as he was when He created the universe. 

The third thing we read is that God is Eternal in His Praise. As young an old Christians, we should never stop in praising God. In fact, the Bible says that we will give Glory and Honor to Him forever! Indeed, God is deserving of our praise since he gave us His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. 

The next time you think about God and His eternal nature, be reminded of some of these things that we read in His Great Word!


May 21st, 2017

Have you ever taken a nature walk? I bet you saw some interesting animals and insects during your journey. Did you take time to observe them in their environment? What were they doing? I would guess that some were gathering food, others were hiding in their home, maybe some were building a trap. I wonder if animals ever just take a vacation? Well, the answer is no! Each day animals have to find food, escape predators, and care for their young; otherwise they would die! 

God has given us a great illustration in nature to take wisdom. He uses it to teach us some of the most practical forms of wisdom. We can gain wisdom from an ant by its preparation and planning for the future and even working together. As Christians, it is important that we prepare for the future, 2 Timothy 2:15 teaches us to study. What is studying? It is a form of preparation and planning. We also should work together, one ant cannot build an ant colony, it takes all the ants working together. One Christian can be the church, it takes all Christians working together to build the church. 

The words of Agur are powerful to study, he used illustrations with a coney, locust, and a spider. Each holding much wisdom for us as well. So when you don't know exactly how you should handle something, look to God's example in nature and let it be a light for you. Until next time, God Bless! 


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