Sunday School Classes


Beginner I

Beginner II

Primary - 1st & 2nd grades

Junior - 3rd & 4th grades

Intermediate - 5th & 6th grades

Crusaders - 7th & 8th grades

Inspirations 9th & 10th grades

Disciples Forever - College age (open discussion)

Young Adults/Young Married - (open discussion)

Lord's Helpers (Quarterly)

Growing In Christ (open discussion)

Fellowship Class (Quarterly)

Missionary Class (Quarterly)

Adult Class (Quarterly)

New Steps

Upcoming Events

FWB State Convention - May 24 (Mount Olive University) 

Annual Sunday School Picnic - May 28th @ 4:00pm followed by the "Allen Family" Gospel Singing 

Graduation Sunday - June 4th (AM Service) 

July Revival - Each Wednesday Night of July